• Jasmine Kate Wickens

Effortless steps to sustainability?

Sustainability is not effortless, but full of small every day choices of thoughtful effort towards how we produce and consume, and the consequential impact it creates both socially and environmentally.

Many of us will be at different stages of our sustainable transformations - you may be a seasoned zero waster, a dabbler with a keep cup, a refuser of single waste plastic or just at the very start of your journey just wanting to find out more. There is an abundance of information available to us to help us make those more environmentally friendlier choices, today I will be adding my advice into the mix.


Sustainability is all about the choices we are making on a daily basis in order to create a better world for us to live in. Whether it be choices to shop less, buy better, waste less, grow your own food, cycle to work or holiday on home soil - the choices and potential creativity you can apply is endless.

Start small

No one can expect to click their fingers into a sustainable lifestyle. It is the small changes, as and when you can make them, which move you towards living more sustainably.

Use what you already have

Do you need to go and buy something new, when you already have the solution at home? Sustainability means using up what you have before going to get it again. If you're currently using a plastic toothbrush but desperately want a bamboo one - wait - use it up to it's full first and then purchase the more sustainable option when you need it.


Compassion is key to living sustainably, the world is currently not set up well enough yet to make it easy to live waste free. Many of us will be lucky enough to have local amenities and access to sustainable alternatives which others many not yet have. Being compassionate to yourself about the options you take, through choice or otherwise, is important to not discourage you from continuing to try your best to make choices as and when you can.


Take yourself off auto-pilot to notice choices you are making and why. Are you able to make a better choice at this current moment? This could perhaps be a choice between a social enterprise or a large corporate machine, organic or non-organic, throwing or recycling. Could you look for unpackaged vegetables or purchase in a small local store instead of Amazon. Noticing your choices can help you understand your habits, and in turn help you improve upon them.


It can sometimes be a barrier for those with a smaller income, to worry about the expense that can occur with these sustainable choices. It's important to know that you can, on any budget, make small choices that can create good impact without impacting your budget. Small savings can be found buy investing in multiuse items such as menstrual cups and safety razors - items such as these can actually help you save money in the long term to place those expenses elsewhere.

What do you think - are these the points you thought I would cover? Please leave your thoughts on the post for myself and others to read and discuss. If there is anything you would like me to write about send an email to theunderlabel@gmail.com.

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