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A guide to conscious consumption: Q&A with Jordan Storm Louise

As part of the Under_Label guide to conscious consumption, I reached out to textiles artist and creative consultant, Jordan Storm Louise (@jordanstormlouise), to ask her to share her conscious journey, daily practises and tips for living in a more considered way.

Jordan's project SALT textiles (@salt_textiles), questions our relationship to objects and encourages respect for the processes behind them. Alongside natural dying workshops and a monthly mending circle, SALT creates objects for daily use with a deep consideration for the environment - working with sustainably sourced materials, natural dyes and slow processes.

Image by Sarah Bates

What does it mean to you to consume consciously? To be mindful of your choices - from the day-to-day to larger purchases like travelling or furniture. For me it’s also about balance, I support small business, producers and makers whenever I can yet I also know that sometimes the most sustainable purchase is the one I’m going to keep and look after for life.

Where did your journey begin? As an artist I’ve always been a maker. It’s hard to unlearn the amount of effort and materials that go into something, even as simple as a bowl or a painting.

Growing up I was encouraged to be respectful of the world around me, this paired with a deep love for nature, has led me to live in reciprocity with the world around me.

Image by (Left) Mia Kingsley (Right) Natasha Marshall

How does it fit within your daily life? It becomes a mindset, making conscious choices about where I get my food from through to the materials I use in my work. It’s lots of small gestures rather than one huge life change - although this works for others.

How does it fit within your project, salt textiles? SALT is a response to our relationship with the objects we have. The pieces I make are practical and are made to last. I source the materials with thought, from the dyes to fabrics. SALT is very much an extension of a conscious living ethos.

Images by Sinden Studios

Share one influence, one daily ritual, and one thing that sparks joy for you. I have many rituals throughout the day. Taking a walk through the park is always a daily influence and joy. How it changes everyday - the colours, smells, plants. Being outside, now more than ever, is something I’m deeply grateful for.

What would be your top tip for leading a more thoughtful, considered life?

Start with something you really care for. If you love food, start by researching your food sources and support local producers/farmers. If fashion brings you joy, can you start to wear more vintage or sustainable brands. Once you open the door and start to cultivate more care that soon expands into other areas of your life.

Some books I’ve found inspiring for my creative practice and daily life are:

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmer The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd

In Praise of Shadows by Juno Tanizaki

Image by Maria Bell

To find out more about Jordan's project, visit the SALT website here.

You can join Jordan for a SALT mending circle on Saturday 6th June, learning how to mend and care for the textiles we love. You can also learn more about natural dyeing at home with the ‘Introduction to Natural Dyes’ guide and pre order 'Dye at Home' SALT objects untill 15th June.

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