• Jasmine Kate Wickens

51.38906° N, 1.434807° E

Botany Bay, Kent


I was lucky enough to take a long weekend down on the South East coast for my 25th birthday like the year before. I constantly crave being beside the water and planned to one day move to the coast, but I've recently been feeling like it might be sooner than I had originally planned if I could just detach myself from London.

The weather was still a sticky mixture of rain and heat, but it gave us a break on the day we chose to take a trip to Margate, which we were thankful for - bright skies and a good breeze.

I'd wanted to visit the bay after seeing beautiful images through Haeckels, a natural skincare brand I've followed for a while. This is one of the sites they go to hand harvest seaweed for their products, which I treated myself to afterwards in their Margate store.

It was beautiful as expected, it could have only been better if the beach was empty just for us, on a sunny day that was unlikely to happen.

All images are my own, taken July 2018.

#Sustainable #photography #landscape #travel #freetime #selfcare

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