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A guide to conscious consumption: Part two

When setting the foundations for the Under_Label I knew I wanted to use this project as a tool for creating positive change, a key aim being to inspire conscious consumption. So I began with this intention to provide a different experience; a kinder, more connected and considered experience, here for you when you need it.

In a way I've wanted to step backwards before what is years of uncontrolled industry growth, to a smaller, simpler way. This small solo project is a reflection of my views around consumption, my hope is that I can inspire others to start to consider other ways to consume.

As I reconnect to my initial intentions and ideas, I hope this second journal entry today helps you understand more about the thought process behind the Under_Label and how it specifically plays into inspiring the conscious consumer in us all. This whole project is a constant learning curve, with views to always improve, but for now I hope you'll enjoy where I'm at.

Slow fashion project

I refer to the Under_Label more so as a project, than a business, reason being is that it is for now a side project that comes second to my full time employment, in time and income. As a slow fashion project I'm allowing it to developing into what it may, being curious to explore different approaches to providing a product, experience or service that we can consume responsibly. This exploration of approach is something I'm currently revisiting - developing my original ideas of what this project can be and how it can inspire positive change.


Knowledge is power - I encourage each customer setting the intention to order something from me, or elsewhere to take time to research what they're buying; this is something I practice personally when making most purchases and really helps me weigh up the purchase thoughtfully. It's important for me to ensure there is accessible, honest, up-to-date information that hopefully helps you view the value of the product. I will always listen to what you have to say, what you want and need to know. Unlike many brands, you as the consumer have the opportunity to ask the owner directly, be curious!

Evolving collections

We're used to brands producing an overwhelming amount of new product, but that is completely unsustainable. I personally feel overwhelmed with choice and quick turn over of product available to purchase, and believe you don't need constantly new pieces - opting for a slow, consistent approach was important. Designed to remain classic, valued staples in your underwear draw; each Under_Label collection will slowly evolve to include new styles without removing previous items, meaning your favourite items will still be available for you should you wish to re-purchase.

The order form

In place of a traditional online store I have a manual ordering process, this wasn't an intentional choice to begin with, but as a small operation the order form is currently working well. It lends itself quite well to considered consumption too, as online stores can make impulsive purchasing easier whilst the time spent on the manual process allows for additional consideration. Between sending the order form and receiving the invoice there's a cooling off period, allowing time to sit with the idea of owning the item before choosing to pay, as well as the opportunity to ask questions.

No pressure

I don't have lot's of stock sat waiting to be purchased, Under_Label products are made for you, when you need them. I aim to steer away from regular marketing tactics, offering genuine communication in a thoughtful way. This is something I'm really working on right now, choosing how best to approach my marketing because there's a really broken narrative that pressures or triggers us into purchasing and I'm not a fan. I'd like you to fall in love with the product, and choose to purchase it in your own time.

I hope you've enjoyed this post today, I'd love to know your thoughts about this entry, any questions you have or topics you'd like to read about so leave your messages bellow. Next time I'll be looking at different ways we can consume fashion, without the negative impact.

You can leave a comment or email me at theunderlabel@gmail.com


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