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Founded upon a need for classic, practical underwear, made and sold in a responsible way - this is the luxury of everyday comfort.


This is a part time, solo project run by Jasmine Kate Wickens focusing on slow fashion - ordering is a manual process which can take 1-4 weeks to receive your personally made items. Currently a collection of seven staple items, made from a soft breathable jersey, a mix of certified organic cotton and bamboo for intimate comfort. Running from size extra small to extra large.

Transparency is key to how the Under_Label is run, so feel free to contact with any questions you have.

↓ MATERIALS / Information

Materials are developed upon to ensure maximum sustainable practices throughout the whole supply chain, care goes into making sure the companies are working to high standards. Full disclosure is given to where the materials come from, and what goes into them.

Super Jersey (main);

GOTS Organic Cotton 46% Bamboo 46% and Elastane 8%

A sustainable blend produced at a GOTS certified Textile Company in Turkey. The organic cotton is grown by them in West Turkey and blended with bamboo fibre (closed loop produced in China), spun into a yarn and elastane is added during the knitting process to allow the material to spring back and keep its shape. Single knit jersey at 170 gsm.

Organic Jersey (gusset);

GOTS Organic Cotton 100%

The Organic cotton is grown in India, the yarn is spun at a factory in Portugal which is then knitted at a UK Factory. Double knit jersey at 220gsm, which is slightly heavier than t-shirt material.



Bra Strap   Nylon 86.33% Elastane 13.67%

Bra Band   Nylon 88.44%  Elastane 11.56%

Brief          Nylon 68.03% Elastane 31.97%

The elastics are produced at a small British factory chosen for their high standards, and good working practices. The elastics have been chosen for their durability and comfort next to the skin. The bra elastics are woven, making them firmer and more supportive. Whilst the elastic used on the briefs is knitted which has more give, this makes sure they stay in place whilst not digging into the skin for a comfortable fit.

Above / Elastic Factory, Leicester, 2018

↓ PROCESS / Information

Something I've missed? Let me know!


Send me a question here and I'll be happy to answer it and update my website with the necessary information.

Transparency is a key component to working in a more sustainable way. Increased knowledge allows you to consume in a better way, with a clear understanding of what you're buying. Stay in touch and find out about the process behind your underwear via the Journal and Social Media, and feel free to ask me questions.

Design & Production

Each piece is carefully designed, developed, and pattern cut by me. Patterns are then taken to a specialist grade house in London to be turned into a full size range.

Production is done in house by me to eliminate minimum orders, keep high quality control and reduce environmental impact. Items are made to order to eliminate wasted stock, minimize storage space needed and provide a personalized fit for each customer. The Under_Label encourages responsible consumption.


Prices are not set in stone and are subject to review each year. Currently each product price is broken into 50% labour cost, 12% materials cost, 38% for overheads and to funnel back into the project.


You won't find labels on the garments - all information needed will printed on the swing tag, which can then be recycled. Comprehensive care information can also be found here.

Postal packaging has been chosen from UK businesses to be Eco friendly and recyclable, most of which is made from recycled post consumer waste.

Above / Core Collection shot by Thea Lovstad

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