CARE GUIDE / Learn how to look after your items

Above / Triangle bra in black, high waist brief in black (on request)


This will be different for everyone, but generally bras don't need to be washed after every wear. Let your bras air out a little before storing away.

Briefs should change daily (I know you already do..). Try to rotate the use of pants in order to not over wear them (we all have our favorite pair), this can help reduce the amount of times your washing the same pair per week, and keep them in better condition over time!

Always wash at lower temperatures

Hand washing is still the most gentle way to wash your underwear - but its completely okay to wash them in a machine as well! (which I do mostly)


Make sure to wash at 30°C or below using a delicate cycle and a low spin. If your machine has special settings for lingerie feel free to use it.


Using a lingerie bag can help keep your underwear protected in the wash. If you're washing bras with hook and eyes - make sure to do up the back and even place them in a separate bag to minimize the risk of catching.

Be delicate

To hand wash dissolve your detergent in the water, submerge your garment and agitate it gently. Avoid wringing or rubbing. Once washed gently squeeze and then rinse in fresh water until soap free! Gently squeeze, lay item onto dry towel, roll and squeeze to draw out water, then hang to air dry.



Air Dry

​Air drying is the best option for your underwear, it's gentle and also saves energy - which also means your money.

It's important to not tumble dry your underwear. It can cause damage to the material including shrinkage and fibre damage which can lead to the garment deteriorating faster.

Store well

After taking so much care in washing, its important to store your underwear well as well (all your clothes in fact!).


Storage tips

Do up bras with hook and eyes, this will stop them catching on your other delicate items.

Organizing items out into similar categories will just save you time finding your favorites.



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