↓ NEW IN / Ethical essentials for women, responsibly made and sold in Edinburgh, Scotland

UPDATE / Still currently closed

With the changes in my personal life still settling I will continue to halt orders. Please email for more information. 

SOFT FOCUS / A quick breathing exercise 

I'd like to welcome you to take a few precious moments out of your day, to calm yourself and sit with your breathe;


Find a comfortable, neutral, upright position ~ 

and rest your hands gently on your legs


Begin by scanning your body ~

Check in with your muscles from head to toe, release any tension

You'll now turn into your breathe ~

Feel how the air enters through your nose, how it expands the body

Soften, or close the eyes ~ 

Follow for 10 to 20 cycles, or longer if you wish


Enjoy the calm

Above / The classic bra and brief 

Above / Elastic Factory, Leicestershire 2018

ETHICAL STEPS / Naturally slow fashion

Being a solo project making to order, the Under_Label is naturally slow fashion, and committed to working with integrity towards ethics and sustainability. The information page has comprehensive information on the process and materials - be in the know


JOURNAL LATEST / Thea Caroline Sneve Løvstad Q&A

The second in a new series for the Journal, where we meet with women in art to talk about their lives, work and inspirations. Today we meet photographer and eco artist, Thea Caroline Sneve Løvstad, to speak about aesthetics, sustainability and her personal version of womanhood.

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